Debra’s Story

I am writing my story for one reason only, and that is to give others in a similar situation hope. I would like everybody to know that no situation is too big or too hopeless for God to handle.

I am 32 years old. I want to tell you of the miracle that took place in my life, but first a bit of background. I was raised in a dysfunctional home. Continue reading

Marius’ story

Sharing you painful experience with others lightens the burden. Finding out that your child is a drug addict is any parent’s worst nightmare coming true. We had no reason to suspect that it was going on in our house. We had the ‘normal’ upheavals of having a 17-year old adolescent, typical fights about get-your-act- together went on continuously, but not in a million years did we believe he was on drugs. Much later we realised that we were in denial’, because we were not able to acknowledge the possibility that our son was using, while the problem was staring us directly in the face. Continue reading

Philip’s story

God answers prayers through people who make themselves available to help others. One of the main goals of SOS is to get help to those who need it as soon as possible, says Gertina van Eeden, founding member of SOS West Rand.

A group of our Church members went to a local hospital to do reach out work one Saturday morning. Here they met a young man, Philip, who after a second attempt at suicide was being tended by nursing staff. Philip’s drug problem has lead to a hopelessness, wanting to make an end to his life because he was not able to come clean. The group spent time with him and prayed with him before moving on to the next patient, says Gertina. Continue reading