HOPE lies in:

•  Prayer
•  Changing ourselves – as parents
•  Taking responsibility for your role as parent, friend, etc
•  Opening communication lines with addicts
•  Loving can get tough (for you)
•  Saving someone’s life through prayer and
•  Throwing a Jesus Christ life line


•  We believe in the healing powers of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Most of our testimonies
prove His love and care for us and the people we bring to Him through prayer.

•  See our “I need Help” page and send us your details if you need prayer or support.

A  mother’s prayer for the salvation of her children is based on the following:

•  Focus on Jesus, look up to Him, not to your problem–Focus on J.O.Y. – Jesus, Others, and then your
•  Prayer in the spirit leads to major victories in the spiritual warfare for our souls
•  Pray the Word of God – specific verses for specific issues
•  Pray for others (interceding prayers) and their problems
•  Be sensitive about what comes out of your mouth – your tongue has power to kill and to make alive in
the spiritual realm – speak positive words over your family
•  Agape love – Unconditional love – love even when you don’t want to love
•  Don’t let your senses (your emotions) dictate to you

Some Practical guidelines:

Bless your children !  Use the prayer in 1 Cron. 4:9-10 or Num 6:23-27.  You can pray it over them or
say it out loud over them during your family time.

Pray God’s purpose over your children.  Also pray that they will understand God purpose for them.

Pray for your children based on God’s promises
 – not because of the wrong things in their lives or
your own expectations for their lives, but for those promises God gives us through His Word.

Stop complaining/moaning while speaking to God about your children. Prayers like these are
borne out of hopelessness and unbelief.  Pray and believe.

Do not allow yourself to be bitter or unforgiving towards your children.  Ask God to give you
love in your heart for them. Love that is unconditional.  Love despite what has happened in the past;
love despite the way your child acts.

Discuss your children with the Lord first before discussing them with others. Many people rather
go look for answers by discussing their children with others, reading books, seeking professional help,
complaining about their kids, etc. and never praying from them.  Pray for your children rather.

Do not prosecute your child before the Lord. Your position as prophet is to stand in the gap for
your children and begging the Grace of God over them.

We hope that these few pointers make a difference in your life and that of your children.
Enjoy your role as parent and your children.  Amen