How SOS started

Finding out that your child overdosed when you weren’t even aware that he were using, is no laughing matter, says Ernst and Gertina van Eeden who was telephoned by paramedics whilst fighting to save her youngest son’s life.

Grateful to have a second chance, after Rocher’s ultimate survival and total recovery, the Van Eeden couple started this ministry to help other parents in the same situation.

Many similar life stories by other couples joining the SOS West Rand ministry today offers testament that drug abuse can only be overcome with the help of God.

Many parents who came to the shocking conclusion that their children are drug addicts had to stumble through a mine-field of information and options with regard to finding help for themselves and their kids. SOS West Rand hopes to make this journey a bit easier with advice and support.

The support group which has since added to its name the word, West Rand was founded in 2007 at the Constantiakruin church in Roodepoort, South Africa, and aims to now also reach beyond its physical borders through this website.

The Van Eeden’s life story was recorded by Christian writer, Maretha Maarten’s book, “Best Thing Since Popcorn” which also was written for stage and as such, become a no 1 best seller for a period. The book tells the story of the miraculous healing of their son, Rocher’s herion addiction after many years trying to win the battle by himself.  In her personal testimony Gertina remembers that his total healing only happened when she stopped trying to take matters in her own hands and started trusting the Lord whole-heartedly for her son’s life.