Philip’s story

God answers prayers through people who make themselves available to help others. One of the main goals of SOS is to get help to those who need it as soon as possible, says Gertina van Eeden, founding member of SOS West Rand.

A group of our Church members went to a local hospital to do reach out work one Saturday morning. Here they met a young man, Philip, who after a second attempt at suicide was being tended by nursing staff. Philip’s drug problem has lead to a hopelessness, wanting to make an end to his life because he was not able to come clean. The group spent time with him and prayed with him before moving on to the next patient, says Gertina.

Prompted by the Holy Spirit, one of the men in the group turned back to Philip and asked him whether he really wanted to be helped? Philip replied: Please sir!

Within a few days the good Samaritan and a member of SOS was driving Philip to a Regeneration centre in the Great Karoo (a dessert-like landscape about seven hours from Johannesburg) where another group of committed Christians were waiting to receive him and lead him back to the Lord and turn his life around.

Here at Nieuwefontein Philip got healed to the point that when Gertina and husband, Ernest passed by that way a month later, they were ecstatic to meet the vibrant young man standing in front of them. He walked towards them with outstretched hands and greeted them with the words: Hi, I am Philip! Is God not great? He heals broken people!

Phil en Mavis, his parent’s reaction at the time:

The miracle that God started in Philip’s life is proof of the love of Jesus Christ that we see in what others are doing for him. We do not even know everyone’s names that was involved in our son’s life during this period, but we know that the Lord says by helping even the most insignificant person, it was done onto the Lord. Our son was healed after 12 years of being broken!

It has taken Philip’s parents a long time to even share their son’s addiction problems with anybody. The fear of others ostracising them or hurting them with words made it the more difficult for them to reach out for help during this crisis in their lives.

*Please note that although the good Samaritan in this story did carry the financial burden of Philip’s recovery, it is not custom for SOS to pay for rehabilitation processes. Our support is offered in other ways.